Savory N'Oats

Looking for a change from your usual sweet breakfast routine? A savory bowl of N'Oats might just be the perfect way to mix things up. At Daily N'Oats, we've got you covered with our delicious recipe for Naked N'Oats cooked in savory broth, topped with sautéed mushrooms and a perfectly poached egg.

The best part? This hearty meal can be enjoyed any time of day, whether you're looking for a filling breakfast, satisfying lunch, or a comforting dinner. We've added a touch of soy sauce and chili oil to give it a kick, making it the perfect blend of flavors and textures to start your day or end it on a high note.

So, why not switch up your routine and give our savory N'Oats a try? You won't regret it!


1 packet - Naked N'Oats (unsweetened)
1 cup - Chicken or Veggie broth
1 tsp - Minced Ginger
½ cup - Sauteed mushrooms
1 - Poached egg
Drizzle - Soy sauce
Drizzle - Chili oil

Garnished with some green onions + sesame seeds or sesame oil



In a sauce pan, combine Naked N'Oats with 1 cup of chicken or vegetable broth and ginger.  Bring to a simmer until thickened to your liking.  Stir occasionally to preventN'Oats from sticking to pan. Pour into bowl.  Top with sautéed mushrooms and poached egg.  Drizzle with a dash of soy sauce and chili oil.  Garnish with green onions and a sprinkling of sesame seed.  Enjoy!

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